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What is GX2CMS

GX2CMS is our user interface (UI) development framework. UI code developed using GX2CMS for AEM is AEM-ready code (HTL code). UI prototypes developed using GX2CMS are functional (both look-and-feel and user experiences/behaviours) prototypes. With GX2CMS, we are able to implement AEM solutions at least 20 percent faster than our competitors.

Perfect Tool For creative agencies

Problems Solved

Solve common problems without pulling a sweat.

  • Reduce cost of AEM development

  • Reduce complexity in delivering AEM experiences

  • Accelerate integration of creative design into working AEM experiences

  • Speed-up time to market


Providing flexible continuous integration flow for front-end and back-end developers in their own lanes.

Ease Of Use

Access on your favorite IDE or on your browser.

Code Friendly

As long as you know the ins and outs of HTML, CSS and Javascript, GX2CMS will be a no brainer.

Product features

On Cloud or On-Premise

GX2CMS can be installed at your data-center or on our cloud platform (AWS).

Local or Cloud IDE

Integrated with a cloud-based IDE or you can code locally and commit your code.

Source Control Integration

Sync your Git repository with the press of a button.

Accessibility Validator

Integrated accessibility validator which developers can validate their code in real-time.

Functioning Prototypes

AEM ready code can be exported in a compartmentalized AEM-like folder structure.


Users can manage multiple projects and share access with the client to sign-off on functioning prototypes.

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1 - 5 Users
10 Projects



Unlimited Users
100 Projects

$79 / month


1 - 5 Users
10 Projects

$319 / month


Unlimited Users
100 Projects

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